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kiaduran's Journal

The Mad Prophet Kiaduran, the Treetop Bunny
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Only got this thingie so I could post comments in other LJs. But this seems to be sorta fun, so I'll probably end up babbling away about how much I hate Bushcheneyricerumsfieldfrist.

Greatest claim to fame is that I am an Elder of the Church of the Bunny - one of the first cyberbased religions. My official title is The Mad Prophet Kiaduran, the Tree Top Bunny. Our 3 tenents were: Snacks, Naps, and Doing the Holy Hop (with or without a partner). Sadly, the CoB members slowly wandered away and the CoB is only a distant memory on the internet. Although, I think most of us are still snacking, napping and hopping madly about. Hmmmm, maybe I'll use this thingie to restart the CoB...BWAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAAA!!!! LET THE FOLLOWERS GATHER TO HUDDLE UNDER MY ROBES.. uhm, I mean, hi there, can I interest you in the Church of the Bunny? We have Snacks.